Lipotherapy Cellulite Removal

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is when the skin under your muscles causes tightening pulling down and breaking down the skin causing the fat underneath to be pushed upwards irregularly. Sometimes the bands tighten and pull on the skin, making it look like cottage cheese.

In the US, about 85-90% of adult women have cellulite. The most common place is the stomach, hips and thighs. It can also happen on less common parts of the body like the arm or face. Cellulite can get worse as you age because your skin loses some elasticity and cannot resist pressure from these bands (fibrous bands). You may be more likely to have cellulite if you are overweight, but it happens even in people who are not overweight. Losing weight does not always fix this problem completely.

Cellulite is a known cosmetic issue that a lot of people battle with due to the difficulty that comes with treating it. However with new advancements and technology, Dr. Maryam Seddigh Tonekaboni is able to help restore your skin to its youthful self by reducing the dimpling and tightening the skin.

Am I a Candidate?

Cellulite isn’t necessarily unhealthy or bad for you,  cosmetically, however, it isn’t for everyone.  

For best results for your Cellulite treatment: 

  • You must want to reduce your cellulite
  • You are satisfied with your body weight and are not overweight
  • You have good overall health
  • You have realistic expectations for the treatment


There are a variety of treatments to help patients get rid of cellulite. None are permanent, but some can make the results last for a year or longer. Some of these treatments are:

  • Laser Treatments: a tiny laser probe inserted beneath the skin reduces thickness, increases collagen, improves skin texture and elasticity lasting about 1 year with 1-2 days downtime and results seen after 1 treatment. 
  • Non-laser Treatments: using energy from radiofrequency, ultrasound, radial pulses, or infrared light to heat skin and increase collagen while decreasing cellulite with no downtown and temporary results that need to be maintained every few months. 
  • Injectable Treatments: FDA approved injection that contains an enzyme that decreases cellulite with results seen after 3 sessions and no downtime needed.  
  • Mechanical Treatments: a thin blade is inserted under the skin through a tiny insession releasing the muscle tension through the use of local anesthesia. Results last for 3 years and can be seen after a few days with minimal downtime.
  • Massage and tropical cellulite Treatments: temporary results that help to smooth the affected area. 

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