Sclerotherapy for Varicose Veins

Many people are not aware of what Sclerotherapy is. Sclerotherapy is a treatment that can be used to treat varicose veins. It does this by shrinking the vein and removing some of the excess fluids that lead to their formation. This procedure has been shown to be very effective at treating varicose veins, especially when they have just begun forming or if there are only one or two small areas on your leg affected by these veins 

Varicose Veins are a common problem for many people with jobs where you spend long periods of time sitting down, such as those who work in an office environment. These types of jobs require you to sit for hours throughout the day without much movement.

The Treatment

Sclerotherapy is a relatively painless treatment intended to improve the cosmetic appearance of veins. This procedure uses only a tiny needle with no anesthesia, and injects sclerosant substances into targeted areas – such as spider vessels or varicose veins. The length of time for this process ranges from 5 minutes up to an hour (depending on how many injections are administered). After undergoing treatments, some patients may experience improved vein conditions over time; however it’s important that you seek out specially-trained phlebologists like those here in order to tailor your individualized care plan towards optimum safety and success rates!

Is it Safe?

It certainly is! Vericose veins carry minimal amounts of blood, which means that eradicating a few in this cosmetic procedure won’t affect the flow at all. There are manymore major vein systems carrying your body’s precious blood throughout your legs, so don’t worry about any risks whatsoever after getting treated with sclerotherapy!

Hyperpigmentation is a known side effect that impacts one to two percent of patients. It can appear as darker brown marks in the form of bruising, tenderness or discoloration at the site where injections were administered and may take up to 12 months without further treatment for them to fade away. Patients should be aware these potential complications could happen so they are prepared if it does occur. 

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