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Hair Restoration in Northridge, CA

PRP Hair Restoration

Hair loss can happen to men and women of all ages and lifestyles. If you are missing a little or a lot of hair from your head, PRP treatment may be a solution for you. At Health Watchers 360, we have the state-of-the-art technology that allows us to offer people PRP hair restoration in Northridge.

PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, is used to restore natural hair growth. To get this platelet-rich plasma, we take a blood sample from your arm and separate it in a machine known as a centrifuge.

The centrifuge spins at a fast rate to separate the platelet-rich plasma from the other components of your blood. Once this platelet-rich plasma has been separated, we draw it back up into a syringe and inject the substance into areas of your scalp that are bare from hair loss to spur the growth of new hair from the follicles. After receiving three treatments that are spaced four to six weeks apart, you likely won’t need to return for additional maintenance treatments for another four to six months. PRP therapy is a safer, noninvasive alternative to other hair restoration treatments that often involve the use of cutting and stitching.

If you live in the Northridge area, Health Watchers 360 can offer you highly attentive PRP hair restoration. We are confident that you will be amazed by the results. Please contact our office today to learn about our current appointment availability and ask us any questions that you may have about PRP therapy.

Although rarely dangerous, acne scars can impact one’s confidence, self-image, and mental health. At Healthwatchers360, we believe that everyone has the right to feel confident in their appearance. Therefore, we provide a variety of effective acne scar removal treatments. Your skin should be a source of pride and joy in your life! 

We want your acne removal process to be comfortable and convenient. We can provide you with effective, non-surgical methods of removing acne scars. There is virtually no downtown to our non-invasive procedures. Take your first step towards your dream skin by scheduling a consultation today!

Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Restoration

How Stem Cells Can Reverse Hair Loss Embarrassed About Losing Your Hair?

One of the worst parts of growing older is the inevitable loss of hair. Hairlines recede, hair becomes less voluminous, and it tends to just lose its overall sheen and vibrancy. For many men and women, the loss of hair is especially difficult to cope with. It can make an individual look older than they are. For men and women who are suffering from hair, you should first turn to the brand-new use of stem cell therapy for hair restoration Northridge.

What Are Stem Cells?

To understand how stem cells can help restore your hair, you first need to understand what stem cells are. They’re sort of the backup cells that can aid with healing tissues but otherwise don’t serve a function until they need to serve a function. Much research has been done on how stem cells can help the body, and in that research, certain scientists have found that they can actually be used to help restore hair.

How does stem cell therapy for hair restoration Northridge work? Because stem cells can take on the jobs of other cells, they can basically become new hair cells. Or, at the very least, they can help hair cells do their job. With active hair cells in your scalp, you can experience new hair growth. Call us to start!