Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal Rejuvenation (NS) Northridge, CA

What Happens to Our Bodies with Time?

As aging takes its toll, our body begins to decline from its physical peak. The collagen and muscle fibers in the vaginal walls weaken over time. Vaginal aging is a problem we all experience, but you can do something about it. Fortunately, we can rejuvenate the body through cosmetic procedures. Without any invasive surgeries, this procedure can restore the collagen of the vaginal walls. The quick procedure makes the recovery process fast and pain-free, and you can choose from multiple alternatives.

Non-Surgical Alternatives

There are multiple ways to perform vaginal rejuvenation. Both laser and radiofrequency treatments use heat to repair vaginal walls. Where the two methods differ is the depth of their effects. Radiofrequency procedures tend to affect deeper tissues than laser rejuvenation. Usually, anesthesia isn’t necessary for radio frequency procedures, but external laser treatment may require topical anesthesia. Both methods provide collagen tightening comparable to surgery. For clitoral rejuvenation, filler injections can help restore sensation in the G-Spot. These quick and pain-free procedures supplement the vaginal collagen treatments, and they provide you with a full improvement. Rejuvenation will give your labia a new appearance, but it has benefits beyond aesthetics. The tighter walls improve physical sensation in the vaginal walls, and the procedure can relieve discomfort during sex. The treatments can increase vaginal lubrication as well.

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You don’t need to let time take your body from you. Our vaginal rejuvenation center in Northridge can help you choose the right treatment for your body. At Maryam Seddigh Tonekaboni, MD we take the time to understand what you want, and we work with you through the entire process. Take the time to visit our contact page, and see what we can do for you.