Tribella in Northridge, CA

If you’re tired of the blemishes on your skin and the wrinkles that are appearing in undesirable locations, you’ve likely tried a few different methods. From creams to peels, you just can’t seem to notice much of a difference. You may even be considering expensive and invasive surgery. Before you make that call, however, you may want to consider Tribella. TriBella is a powerful three-in-one treatment that works to remove those blemishes and wrinkles and leave you with flawless, youthful-looking skin. Read on to discover how TriBella can benefit you.

Tribella uses three different treatments. The first is photorejuvenation. By using IPL, or intense pulsed light, the device delivers a high pulse of energy into a target area. This light is absorbed by the color that corresponds to it in the chromophores like hemoglobin or melanin. By being absorbed, it can remove or reduce those colors which leaves your skin a nice, even, tone.

After the photofacial is over, TriBella then uses radiofrequency technology to perform anti-aging functions like wrinkle removal and reduction. The radiofrequency essentially releases energy into targeted areas to break up the structures beneath the skin. This produces new collagen and promotes skin elasticity and proper colorization. By doing so, wrinkles fade and smooth out against the skin.

Finally, TriBella uses an even more high-powered radiofrequency tip to perform skin resurfacing functions. Those pesky acne scars are removed and your skin is left smooth and evenly toned.

These procedures are non-invasive and require little downtime. At most, you might be asked to stay out of the sun for a few hours. It is considerably easier than surgery and less costly, too. To receive the most powerful treatment for anti-aging, give us a call.