Laser RF Venus

Laser RF Venus in Northridge, CA

Until recently, you’ve heard that the only way to reduce your aging was to stay out of the sun, exercise, diet right, and undergo surgery. While certain factors certainly do help preserve your skin and keep your body running efficiently, there has. Been research surrounding non -invasive procedures for anti – aging. Surgery can often be too expensive for certain individuals. It also requires you to stay home for a period of time. RF laser treatment in Northridge might just be what you need to defy aging and surgery.

How it works

The Venus Viva uses nanofractional radiofrequency and SmartScan technology to resurface problem areas in the skin. Radiofrequency involves the use of the Venus Viva, to release a pulse of energy into a target area. The energy breaks down the unnecessary structures beneath the skin that causes wrinkles and other skin blemishes. The skin then heals and promotes new skin growth. The new skin is smooth and tight. It’s also a powerful tool to correct discoloration in the skin. Our RF laser treatment in Northridge is a quick half hour treatment with no downtime and a fast recovery rate. It’s non-invasive unlike surgery, so you can get back to your life and all of its demands shortly after your procedure. Unlike many other procedures, radiofrequency with Venus Viva can work on all skin types. So, even if you have darker skin, we can help you reduce wrinkles and remove blemishes. Give us a call to begin.