Hormone Replacement Therapy

Overcome Perimenopause Symptoms Northridge, CA

When a woman is experiencing horrible perimenopause symptoms, our experts can help with customized hormone replacement therapy in Northridge, California. The changes in a woman’s estrogen and testosterone levels can make her feel awful with problems from nighttime sweating and daytime hot flashes. These symptoms can make it difficult to sleep at night or to live a normal lifestyle during the day. In the past, there wasn’t much anyone could do about the changes in hormone levels, but today, our team can perform a simple saliva test to help a woman feel better.

Customized Hormone Replacement

A saliva test reveals what types of hormones are missing or at a low level in the body, and our experts can formulate a unique blend of testosterone, estrogen or other hormones. With hormone replacement therapy in Northridge, a woman can begin taking customized capsules within a few days to enjoy the benefits from the treatments. After a few weeks, a woman will notice a change in how her body feels with an increased libido and better overall mood. Every few weeks, a new saliva test can help our team create the right type of capsules for a woman’s needs. Contact Us Today to Learn More about Our Medical Spa’s Services.

In addition to a reduction in hot flashes and nighttime sweating, the changes in hormone levels has additional benefits such as maintaining a woman’s bone density to prevent osteoporosis that can lead to fragile bones that break easily. Replacing a woman’s hormones while she is aging is the newest way to protect the body’s organs, bones and teeth from damage. For additional information about our medical spa’s services for aging women, contact us at Maryam Seddigh Tonekaboni, MD today with a telephone call or by completing a form at our website.