Skin Tightening

Skin Tightening in Northridge, CA

Our team in Northridge, CA, uses the Venus DiamondPolar™ therapy system. This system utilizes radio pulses to restart production of collagen in a person’s skin. It also improves blood circulation that helps deliver nutrients to the skin’s layers. When most people think about skin tightening, surgical cosmetic procedures come to mind. These procedures involve cutting, skin removal, and long healing periods. They also do not help prevent future loss of skin elasticity. The Venus system works well with all skin ages. It treats sagging on all areas of the body, and is appropriate for men and women. There is absolutely no cutting, scraping, or needling required. Treatments only involve a gentle, comfortable, and warming pulse directed deeply into the tissue. Applications average about thirty minutes, and no recovery period is necessary. The Venus system is like a skin massage that has the added benefit of restoring a youthful appearance using proven cosmetic science.

The Venus DiamondPolar™ system can be used to treat small areas like sagging jawlines and unsightly jowls. It can also be used to treat large areas like skin unevenness in the abdominal area. The Venus system can take care of worry and self – consciousness at the first signs of loose skin. Continue to enjoy your favorite activities by exper iencing an invigorating and easy way to keep skin tight and youthful. Schedule an appointment online with Dr. Maryam Saddigh Tonekaboni, MD and her team soon. Summer is right around the corner. Face and neck tightening Northridge is just the thing to make showing your skin a pleasure.