Botox for Excessive Sweating

Botox injections are a popular treatment for excessive sweating and have been around for some time now. Excessive sweating is not only embarrassing but can also be quite debilitating and have a negative impact on your day-to-day life. Botox injections are designed to reduce the number of sweat glands in the armpits by paralyzing them, which reduces or eliminates excessive perspiration. If you experience excessive sweating and want your problems solved, come to Healthwatchers360!

Sweating is normal. In fact, it’s essential: Humans need to sweat in order to regulate body temperature. A significant number of people suffer from an excessive sweating condition called hyperhidrosis; the most common areas affected by this are the scalp, underarms (or armpits), hands or feet, and groin area.


Botox injections use botulinum toxin to block the nerve signals responsible for sweating and stop the sweat glands from producing too much sweat. Retreatment is typically needed in four to six months as nerves regenerate but over time patients can go longer between treatments.

Botox injections are a great treatment option for those with hyperhidrosis. However, there are some cases where Botox is not recommended to patients such as pregnant or breastfeeding women and individuals who have neuromuscular disorders. These people should consult their dermatologist to see if they could be eligible for this procedure before deciding whether it’s right for them!

The procedure is simple. Numbing cream applied to the injection area up to one hour before, and a very tiny needle injected into affected areas with minimal side-effects like bruising or swelling that usually clears within days of treatment. Patients can see full results after two weeks!

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