Acne Scar Removal

Acne Scar Removal

Although rarely dangerous, acne scars can impact one’s confidence, self-image, and mental health. At Healthwatchers360, we believe that everyone has the right to feel confident in their appearance. Therefore, we provide a variety of effective acne scar removal treatments. Your skin should be a source of pride and joy in your life! 

We want your acne removal process to be comfortable and convenient. We can provide you with effective, non-surgical methods of removing acne scars. There is virtually no downtown to our non-invasive procedures. Take your first step towards your dream skin by scheduling a consultation today!

Acne Scar Removal Northridge, CA

At Healthwatcher360, we believe that acne removal should be comfortable and convenient. We avoid costly surgical methods, and instead we focus on generally effective, non-surgical means of removing acne scarring.

Our non-surgical methods require virtually no downtime and are non-invasive. And they are open to almost any patient. After all, about 95% of individuals who have struggled with acne still have some form of scarring. Take your first step toward reclaiming your skin by scheduling your consultation today!

Here at Healthwatchers360, we offer several different treatments that help to remove acne scars. However, our main form of treatment that we focus on is using lasers to help remove acne scars. We use an approved laser technology that sends out measured pulses of energy to help break down old scar tissue created by acne. The breakdown of tissue causes your body to react naturally and replace this scar tissue with new, healthy skin cells. Additional blood flow is provided to the area allowing for a rejuvenating and glowing appearance. This process on average takes 2-3 weeks to see visible results, and is suitable for the face, body, any skin tone, any age or size.

At Healthwatchers360, we provide three different treatment options depending on your main issues.

  1. Skin Tone
  2. Extent and Location of Scaring
  3. Skin Texture and Sensitivity 

Based upon what your chosen treatment is, we offer three different laser types each focused on a specific skin concern. 

  1. Ablative Laser: brings out a healthy layer of skin by removing scar tissue from the top layer of skin
  2. Non-Ablative Laser: increases collagen production and growth of new skin cells
  3. Fractionated Laser: removes dark pigmentation beneath the skin’s top layer by focusing on the cells under the scar

Microdermabrasion is the perfect solution to your acne scarring. It’s an in-office procedure that can take up to one hour, but it requires little to no downtime. You can resume normal activities with better skin!

With just one session of microdermabrasion, you could see dramatic improvements in your complexion. Your pores will be less visible and your acne scars will fade away quickly. The amount of sessions is based on how much improvement you want from this non-invasive procedure. Schedule a consultation today!

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Chemical peels are an excellent way to achieve your desired goal. They can be done more than once and also alongside other treatments all depending on your targeted goal. Healthwatchers360 is here to help you get the best results possible!

We have a variety of chemical peel options for different skin types and goals that help improve your overall skin tone and texture. Our team will work with you to find the perfect treatment that fits your needs so contact us today!

Results: What To Expect

Before, during and after your treatment, your doctor will keep you informed in regards to all things relating to your treatment and the expected recovery.  Your results will vary depending on your scaring level and type of treatment received. However, most of our patients saw a significant decrease in scar visibility from their first treatment.

Dr. Maryam Seddigh Tonekaboni has devoted her life to empowering people with the most up-to-date information and options for their care, so you have all of your health questions answered in one place! Call our office at 818-671-1989 or visit us online today to make an appointment and get started on a healthier tomorrow.