Skincare Products That are Actually Backed By Science–SkinCeuticals

Tired Of Wishful Thinking? 

For women and men who truly care about the health of their skin, you’re likely tired of all the promises that skincare clinicians offer without any science to back up their claims. You want a skincare routine and a line of products that actually did the research to determine if their skincare products were effective on skin. In that case, you need to look at SkinCeuticals products in Northridge. This line has been forged from extensive scientific research to ensure that each formula enriches and protects the skin. 

The SkinCeuticals Difference 

SkinCeuticals was officially launched in 1994, but it has been around since before then. Originally, the product line began as a way to discover how antioxidants could not only help nourish the skin but also protect it against skin cancer. In that research, SkinCeuticals was born. Their research has since stemmed far further than just antioxidants, but it has always focused on health and scientific research of formulas that improve that health. This makes it quite different from other skincare companies who focus on the aesthetics rather than the problems that rest deeper in the skin. 

The SkinCeuticals products at Northridge utilize formulas that penetrate deep into the skin. This is another stark difference that many other skincare companies can’t replicate. Their products just rest on top of the skin. SkinCeuticals manages to get below the skin in order to deal with the issues at its source. 


They offer a number of products. Some of their best selling include a formula with L-ascorbic acid laced with vitamin C. This formula alone offers environmental protection for your skin and also reduces wrinkles and lines. To see all of the SkinCeuticals products, come by our clinic or give us a call today.

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