IPL Photofacial

IPL Photofacial Northridge,California

Do you have sun spots, wrinkles or acne scarring? Is your current skin care regimen not doing the trick?

We are here to help! Dr. Seddigh offers photofacials! A photofacial is also known as photorejuvenation. This a treatment used to reduce the appearance of sun spots, wrinkles, scarring and other damage on the skin. A photofacial is a facial with intense pulsed light therapy. Intense pulsed light therapy is a non-invasive hand held laser treatment that uses pulsing intense, high beams of broad spectrum light in pulses to remove the outer layer of the skin while penetrating the inner layers of the skin with heat.

The heat, light and exfoliation work together to stimulate collagen production in the skin! Collagen is what gives your skin the supple and smooth appearance. The photofacial is especially effective for those who suffer from sun damage.The laser uses broad spectrum light which is absorbed by melanin. Melanin is what gives your sun spots and the rest of your skin color! The treatment is completely pain less and requires no down time. The best part is that the treatment takes 30 minutes! The treatment requires 4 to 6 treatments to see results. The results are healthier and smoother looking skin!

If you are interested in hearing more about our photofacial treatments, please give us a call at (818) 671-1989 today for a consultation! You can also fill out the form on the contact us page HERE.

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