IV Infusion in Northridge, CA

Streamlining Nutrient Uptake

As a child, you were likely told by your parents to eat your vegetables and fruits because they offered vitamins and nutrients that your body needed. While this certainly is true, eating food requires those nutrients and vitamins to go through the long digestive process. Because you tend to lose some of those nutrients and vitamins through the digestive process, you often have to eat more to ensure that the nutrients make it through to have an impact on your health. For a long time, people have relied on diet alone to receive their nutrition. However, there has been a recent interest in a way to bypass the long digestive process and receive nutrients and vitamins where you need them almost immediately. This process is known as an IV infusion, and it is something we are proud to say we offer.

The Benefits Of IV Infusion

The purpose behind an IV infusion in Northridge is to streamline nutrient and vitamin uptake. Essentially, we make up a cocktail of the nutrients and vitamins that your body requires and place them into an IV bag. The IV is then inserted into your bloodstream and the nutrients can immediately go where they are needed. This bypasses the digestive system entirely allowing you have to the instant benefit of good nutrition. Besides just feeling a general and overall improvement in wellness, an IV infusion in Northridge can accentuate your beauty. This is because your skin is receiving a massive amount of nutrients that work to improve the skin. Your hair will also receive the vitamins and minerals needed to make it shiny, thick, and vibrant. With your improved wellness, you’ll also find an increased athletic performance. To boost your wellness, give us a call for an infusion.

Customized Formulation for:

  • Improve cognitive state,
  • Reduce chronic pain,
  • Energize and reduce Fatigue,
  • Depression and insomnia.
  • Weight loss, sexual enhancement.
  • – High Dose Vitamin C Therapy
  • – NAD + IV Therapy
  • – High Dose Glutathione Vitamin Therapy

Enjoy a health experience built on the following proven practices, producing measurable results:

  • Personalized medicine based on your genetic predisposition and make up.
  • Evaluation of your genomic pattern looking for how well your DNA is functioning
  • Evaluation of your micro-nutrients that fuel your cellular function and maintain vitality
  • Maintaining hormonal balance integral for a healthy metabolism and abundance of energy
  • Assessing your food sensitivity that may be causing inflammation
  • Assessing your gut microbiome that is key to optimal health
  • Determining your ability to detoxify harmful metabolites.

Targeted IV Therapies- Drip or Shots

  • Improve cognitive state
  • Reduce chronic pain
  • Energize and reduce Fatigue
  • Depression and insomnia
  • Weight loss, sexual enhancement

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